Thursday, July 14, 2016

Personal Service Takes Spotlight in Latest Website Project

In the increasingly impersonal world of phone trees and autoresponders, our latest website project focused on the extraordinary personal service our client provides for her promotional product customers. (Not only does she answer the phone, she brings samples to your office!)

Of course every business claims to provide great customer service and talk (on this subject) is notably cheap. We understood our challenge as web designers was to clearly make this case for our client in a believable way, without having her sound like a braggart. (That would be way out of character; she's actually very humble.)

Our answer: Feature just one well-worded, credible, customer testimonial, from a real person, at a real organization, up front, on the home page. Here's our solution:

But beyond credibility, the new website also improved the website's security, enhanced its SEO capacity, while adding a responsive mobile design that works on all kinds of devices. (No small feat given all the different types and sizes of devices out there.)

Here's a link to the launch press release with more on Pam and her Specialty Connection.

P.S. If you haven't yet upgraded to Windows 10, Microsoft's free upgrade offer expires July 29th. If you have any questions about the upgrade and whether or not it's advisable, just send us a note; glad to help.  


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