Thursday, September 17, 2015

Website Redesign Highlights Birth Center's Home-Like Environment

Our latest website redesign project was a first! Over the last dozen years we've worked with clients in all kinds, from retail to manufacturing, to high-tech, the arts, and non-profits. Now we can add birth center to our list. The Goshen Birth Center project gave us the opportunity to explain the benefits of a nurse-midwife supported birth as an alternative to traditional (in the hospital) child birth. The website is an information resource on water birth and the role of certified nurse-midwives in providing a safe, relaxed, birthing experience. Here's a link to the release with more info: Goshen Birth Center Launch Announcement

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Java and Flash Both Vulnerable to Attack (Again)

We noted a recent post in ARS Technica (UK) that Java and Flash are both vulnerable (again) to 0-day attacks. These weaknesses in the code could allow hackers to install malware on end-user computers or potentially execute malicious code remotely. Adobe issued an advisory saying the bugs in Flash will be patched.

Meanwhile, Google announced they would start blocking Adobe Flash ads on their Chrome browser on September 1. With Flash ads now defaulting to "pause" users will have to "click" to play the ads. (We say "fat chance".) With a little more than half of all desktop computers running Chrome this is a big deal to advertisers. Firefox too blocked Flash due to security concerns.

With repeated security concerns and performance issues we saw this coming and shifted our website development work to HTML5 like three years ago. Given these latest developments we recommend making this shift sooner rather than later.

For more on this, check out the article posted at Business Insider:

Business Insider article: Adobe Flash is Dying a Death by 1,000 Cuts