Monday, March 28, 2016

Latest Site Launch Integrates Real Time Access to Diamond Inventory and Pricing

Our latest website launch highlights the beauty (and power) of providing users with a clean, simple interface to access a huge, complex database.

The client is Images Jewelers, and the database indexes over 33,000 GIA graded diamonds, searchable, by shape, size, color, clarity and price. You can try this out for yourself; just go to and click the GIA Diamonds tab. It's pretty amazing.

It's also a great example of the collaboration process behind a successful design project. We met and spoke regularly with the management team at Images every step of the way, providing them with our insights on web design, and user experience best practices, while they educated us on the nuances of their custom jewelry design business model, customer expectations, and business objectives. The results speak for themselves.

Here's a link to the release announcement with additional details and comments from the Images team: Images Jewelers Launch Announcement

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Taking Steam Generator Website Live Like a Rocket Launch

You often hear the term "launch" used in connection with turning on a new website and for good reason. As with launching a rocket, there's a detailed checklist of essential tasks to be completed as the clock counts down to a successful "liftoff". (Security, DNS details, email and SEO to name only a few of our "Mission Control" concerns during a launch.)

Launching a new website for ESG Corp earlier this week we ticked the check boxes and "pushed the button" to take their newly redesigned website live. Have a look:

It's an update designed to better tell their unique story and explain the significant advantages of their electrode type steam boiler/generators. ESG is 70 year old company (based here in Buchanan) that lists such diverse companies as Space X, P&G, ConAgra and Boeing among their many clients. And they've continued to innovate to serve new industries and niche applications. (Like microbreweries!)

Like a successful rocket launch, this mission will improve the company's global visibility and provide a solid marketing platform for their long-term growth. We're proud to have played a part. Here's a link to the release announcement with details: ESG Corp Launch Announcement