Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Boost Your SEO in 2016 with Relevant PR

We got a running start on 2016 yesterday helping two of our clients kick off the new year with a pair of timely press releases; one for TarpsNow.com and another for PromoQuip.com. Have a look:

TarpsNow Press Release

PromoQuip Press Release

We encourage (and assist) our clients with writing and distributing well crafted, relevant press releases on a regular basis. (At different intervals depending on the market they serve.)  While this requires a fair amount of effort, we see PR creation and distribution as an effective tactic in executing our "off-the-page" SEO strategy. The consistent gains in our client's Google search rank proves its effectiveness.

If you're not creating and distributing press releases and announcements on a regularly scheduled basis, you might want to consider adding this arrow to your marketing quiver in 2016. Happy to discuss if you have any questions.