Friday, February 22, 2019

Practice and Process Makes Perfect

Our latest launch illustrates the collaboration required to update a website for a client working in a highly technical field. The client is Product Design Services (PDS); they have over 20 years of experience building world-class aesthetic models and prototypes for manufacturers as diverse as Whirlpool, Intuitive Surgical, Raytheon and many others.

This is exacting work using some of the most advanced manufacturing technologies available. Getting it right requires both practice and process.

Similarly, we went about explaining and illustrating their unique capabilities using a project development framework we've refined over the past 16 years. Using this defined, step-by-step method helps to insure nothing important slips through the cracks during the design process. 

And it doesn't happen in a vacuum. A typical redesign project involves a lot of communication involving a combination of meetings, phone calls and (many) emails to select and edit the right photography, the best text and clearest design elements to insure the website tells our client's story in a clear, compelling way.

For Product Design Services, the end result of this careful, collaborative process can be seen at their recently relaunched company website. (Click through to see some of the most intricate, beautiful,  aesthetic models you've ever laid eyes on.)

As the PDS website redesign project illustrates, practice and process makes perfect.