Thursday, December 15, 2016

Exit Strategy: Does a Great Website Help Sell a Business?

We launched a new website for Nexus Aircraft Climate Control Systems earlier this week. How this project came about reminded us of the role a great website can play in selling a business.

Back story: This is our second project working with Nexus' founders; we did website design and development work for their last company, which they successfully sold earlier this year. After that deal closed they launched Nexus to bring their next big idea to market. We were engaged shortly thereafter to build a website to explain the breakthrough features and benefits of their new products.

While there are many factors that contribute to the successful sale of a business, we see a great website is an essential element of a sound exit strategy. Here's why: A well-designed website is based on an understanding of business strategy and objectives. It clearly explains your brand, resonates with your target customers, and differentiates your value proposition, while driving the metrics that support real brand equity and (therefore) a higher valuation in a business sale scenario. Sweet.

For more on Nexus and the launch, here's a link to their press release: NexusCCS Announcement.

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