Friday, April 29, 2011

Buchanan Un-Sanctioned

Plan ahead for food, fun, art and music!

Buchanan, Michigan hosts its Un-Sanctioned Summer kick-off celebration on Saturday of Memorial Day Weekend with live music, art, crafts, food, antiques, and shopping, all found at

Un-Sanctioned begins with the opening of the Farmers’ Market at 8am and concludes with live music wrapping up at 10pm. Following Un-Sanctioned 2010, which drew several thousand visitors, Un-Sanctioned 2011 expands the number of contributing artists and musicians as well as regional artisans, winemakers, antique dealers, galleries and museums within Buchanan’s Downtown National Register Historic District.

Be there or be square!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Chris Walsh and Cancer Treatment Survival

Now in the midst of developing a website for The founder, Chris Walsh, himself a cancer survivor, is an amazing, compassionate, extraordinary person. We're proud to work with him and assist in facilitating his vision.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Web Browser Wars: Who's Winning Now?

Given how much time we all spend online now, we thought it high time to look (again) at the most recent versions of the IE, Firefox and Chrome web browsers.  Comparing published benchmark results with our internal tests, declaring a clear winner is tricky, but here’s our take:

IE 9: Most improved of the three.  Faster and more secure than prior versions, with tabbed browsing it’s a huge step forward. Downside: Still uses more onscreen real estate than Chrome or Firefox.  

Google Chrome 10:  Clean design, but uses more memory than the other two; boot up was a bit slower than IE.  (We expect Chrome 11 to address this, but it’s still in beta).  However, if you’re using Google Docs, Chrome is optimal. 

Firefox 4: The fastest of the three; best of the bunch at handling HTML5; the most efficient of the three in terms of memory use, and the fastest to boot up.  While all three browsers are good, we think Firefox 4 is now the web browser to beat.