Monday, December 4, 2017

10 Minutes to E-Commerce Success - eBook Gift for Our Clients and Friends

My friend and conversion expert, Grant Segall, has just released a new e-book called "10 Minutes to E-commerce Success". And, yes, I’m one of the featured interviews. I was so impressed with all the content, I arranged for our clients and friends to get a copy for free.

It features 10-minute interviews with leading experts who spell out their single best business strategy or tactic to grow your e-commerce business.

My interview on developing a killer strategy is the book's opening chapter. In it, I explain how an approach based on Porter's Five Forces analysis can be used to drive sales and outsmart your competition.
Other chapters include:

> The "entrepreneur trap" that Dave Hermansen of says all serious e-commerce business owners should avoid.

>Shark Tank alum, Brian Lim shares his one secret to sustainable growth. Without this, even a high-converting website can suffer serious problems and stunt the company’s growth.

> Kristin Marquet of The Haute Rebel reveals which social network she uses to add hundreds of leads and subscribers to her e-commerce store every month. Hint: It’s not Instagram.

Plus business-building advice from more than a dozen other leading experts including (in alphabetical order): Mark Dorsey, Damien Elsing, Michael Epstein, Danielle Lewis, John Logar, Thom O’Leary, Rishi Rawat, Michelle Stinson Ross, Harris Siddiqui and Robin Smith.  

You can get a free copy of this e-book by clicking here: 10 Minutes to E-commerce Success

At just 10 minutes per chapter this eBook is a concise read that's well worth your time.