Thursday, March 17, 2016

Taking Steam Generator Website Live Like a Rocket Launch

You often hear the term "launch" used in connection with turning on a new website and for good reason. As with launching a rocket, there's a detailed checklist of essential tasks to be completed as the clock counts down to a successful "liftoff". (Security, DNS details, email and SEO to name only a few of our "Mission Control" concerns during a launch.)

Launching a new website for ESG Corp earlier this week we ticked the check boxes and "pushed the button" to take their newly redesigned website live. Have a look:

It's an update designed to better tell their unique story and explain the significant advantages of their electrode type steam boiler/generators. ESG is 70 year old company (based here in Buchanan) that lists such diverse companies as Space X, P&G, ConAgra and Boeing among their many clients. And they've continued to innovate to serve new industries and niche applications. (Like microbreweries!)

Like a successful rocket launch, this mission will improve the company's global visibility and provide a solid marketing platform for their long-term growth. We're proud to have played a part. Here's a link to the release announcement with details: ESG Corp Launch Announcement  

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