Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Interim Website Bridges Present and Future Needs

When Redbud Fitness and Lifestyle Center came to us they needed a new website, fast.  

They'd already begun construction on a fabulous new 35,000 square foot facility and needed to tell that story while promoting business at their current location. The old website wasn't doing either.

After reviewing the (many) new services and programs they'd be providing at the new facility it was clear that they'd need an enterprise class website. Unfortunately, the development time for design, coding, testing, training, integration and implementation of an enterprise site stretches into several months. They needed a new website much sooner than that.

Our solution: We built an interim site (in about two weeks!) to help get them bridge the gap while we're working on the longer-term website. The interim site is now up at

While it doesn't do everything the next site will do, it is a huge improvement over the prior site, with simplified navigation, improved mobile usability, and access to their class scheduling and membership functions. Most importantly, it promotes their current business while building excitement for what's coming soon!

Here's a link to their launch announcement with more info on Redbud Fitness and their new facility.

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