Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Google+ Pages in Organic Search Results

Google+ Pages (for business) are starting to show up in organic search results; what we’re recommending for our clients.   

In view of the importance of organic search visibility (and SEO) for businesses of all kinds, I thought it noteworthy that Google+ Pages are now starting to appear within their search results. From what I see, it’s mostly big companies showing up now, but Google has every incentive to include a company’s Google+ Page as an SEO ranking factor going forward; it’s another way they can drive Google+ adoption.

Exact numbers are hard to pin down but Google+ now likely has north of 50 million users. This is far short of Facebook’s 800 million, but we see a different demographic tilt to the Google social network. It’s a difference we think will be especially important to B2B sectors.

Based on our analysis, we find Google+ users are generally more business oriented, include more knowledge workers, are a bit more male than female (at least for now), and tend to be a little younger (Gen X and Y) than the typical Facebook user. To the extent that your target market includes this demographic, setting up a Google+ Page for your business could make sense beyond its SEO value.

I've included a link to an informative article in PC Mag on how to set one up: 


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