Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Top Four Chrome 69 Don't Miss Features

In the ten years since Google launched it's Chrome browser, (now used by 2/3 of the planet), they have regularly tweaked, updated, upgraded, patched and generally improved it over the course of 68 prior iterations. (That's a new version every 53 days!)

Now, with Chrome 69, (released just days ago) we see some of the most important changes introduced in the last few years. The latest version of Chrome is faster, uses fewer computer resources, is more customizable, and more useful in many ways. Here's our pick for the top four improvements:

"Not Secure" Websites Flagged: Rather than saying a website is "Secure" Chrome clearly alerts users when they visit a website that's not running on an HTTPS (encrypted) server. Visitors will see a "Not Secure" notice next to the URL. Firefox and MS Edge also show a small "i" (for Information) in a circle icon next to the URL. Clicking on that icon will show a drop box that says the site is potentially dangerous or not secure. But Chrome's warning is more noticeable and effective in warning users away from websites that lack this level of security. For businesses whose websites are still not encrypted (HTTP instead of HTTPS) this should be a wake up call. 

40 Security Vulnerability Patches: With Chrome 69 Google has patched some 40 bugs or vulnerabilities, including seven that were labeled as "High" risk. (This is the second highest risk level of Google's four tier ranking system.) Internet security is a never ending "arms race" with the bad guys. And no security measure, process or operating system (including iOS) is invulnerable to attack or hack. But using Chrome 69 can give you 40 fewer things to worry about.

Enhanced Password Manager: Chrome could already remember and fill in your passwords, addresses, and (with your permission) even your credit card numbers, all securely saved to your Google account.  Chrome 69 can now generate one for you and save it, so it's there the next time you sign in, including on your laptop and phone. If you've ever struggled with coming up with another unique, strong password for a new website you're going to love this feature.

Improved User Interface: It's been two years since the last meaningful change in Chrome's UI (user interface). Now, with Chrome 69, you'll see a new look across platforms, including desktop, Android and iOS. It's simpler and cleaner with more rounded shapes and icons. Tabs are changed to make multiple tabs and websites easier to identify and navigate. Prompts and menus have been simplified, including the URLs in the address bar.

If you're not sure if your computer has been upgraded to Chrome 69, drop us an email and we'll send you a short tutorial. It will explain how to verify your current version of Chrome and (if necessary) how to initiate the upgrade process. Chrome 69 will run on most Windows, Linux, and Apple iOS machines. 

Taken together, we think these (and many other under-the-hood) changes and improvements make Chrome 69 the best Chrome browser ever. It's an upgrade that can help you to be more secure and more productive whenever you're online.

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