Thursday, June 14, 2018

Relaunched Website Changing Perceptions: Fast, Painless Dentistry Means Anxiety Free Root Canals

Our latest website redesign project could be a case-study illustrating the challenge of changing perceptions. We're talking about the all-too-common anxiety associated with a "trip to the dentist" and (even worse), the pain of "getting a root canal". 

The client is Coulter Family Dentistry in Mishawaka, Indiana. They've built a well-regarded regional dental practice with technologies and methods designed to take the anxiety and pain out of a trip to the dentist, in a relaxed, professional, beautiful setting.  

As website designers our challenge was twofold: First, in telling their story in a clear, friendly, non-technical manner. (This is key to building our client's brand and differentiating their services.) And second, making it work flawlessly both on desktop computers and smartphones. 

Our approach included the liberal use of videos as well as textual explanations of implants, crowns, gingival grafting, bonding and (yes) root canals, plus before and after photos and a photo "tour" of their offices for context. (Note the Teddy Roosevelt diorama in the waiting room!)  

Reviews have been gratifying. Here's a link if you'd like to take a look: Coulter Family Dentistry  (Of course, your comments are always welcome.) 

The client's press release announcing the relaunch of their website provides additional details; here's a link:  WebWire Press Release for Coulter Family Dentistry Website Relaunch

May all of your trips to the dentist be painless! 


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