Monday, May 8, 2017

Creators Update: Pros, Cons and Windows 10 Troubleshooting Help

After installing Windows 10 Creators Update on most of our office machines (and talking with our clients over the past month), we're in a position to share a few observations on the pros and cons with this latest update along with troubleshooting help if you run into problems.

First, the good news: On the pro side, Creators Update is relatively stable; we're not seeing crashes or "blue screen of death" problems some experienced with the Anniversary Update. (Thankfully!) Importantly, Creators Update adds or improves security measures. Plus, there are useful productivity tools, Edge browser features, new design controls, and maintenance enhancements. And the price is right: CU is free for Windows 10 users.

But it's not all good news: On the con side, Microsoft issued a warning last week saying customers may have "issues" if they download the update manually using their Windows 10 Update Assistant. This caution is rooted in reports of problems with Internet connections, playing audio, plus printer driver and spooler issues. Microsoft suggested waiting until the update is "pushed" to you.

However, in our experience, these kinds of problems have been far more likely on older computers and/or computers using older printers or peripherals. Still, if you do experience problems after installing Creators Update (or many other Windows 10 related issues) we can share a resource for free, step-by-step instructions on using 19 different Windows 10 Troubleshooters. Just send me a request by email and I'll fire over the link.

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