Thursday, May 5, 2016

Exit Strategy: Helping a Client Find the Right Buyer for Her Business

We've had the pleasure of helping many company founders translate their vision into a killer website over the past dozen years. Memorable among these are the mother-daughter team behind Wear to Win, a beautiful line of women's performance sportswear. Made in America, they grew it with a combination of direct sales online and wholesale distribution though dozens of golf pro shops.

But life sometimes intrudes on the best business plan. When her daughter got married, moved and had a baby, mom told us it was time for her to pass the torch.

Based on our M&A experience we offered to take on the role of "matchmaker" to help them find a buyer to "raise their baby".  Structured as an asset sale for the inventory, IP, website, (and more) we think it's a pretty compelling business opportunity. For anyone who's looking for a "turn-key" business with lots of growth potential Wear to Win could be just the ticket.

Check out the article that just ran in one of the local papers: BCR Article on Wear to Win

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