Thursday, October 8, 2015

New Printek Website Showcases Focus on Mobile Printing Market

We launched a new website recently that's noteworthy not only because of the site’s elegant, clean design, but more importantly because of the strategic thinking behind it.  Our client is Printek, based in Benton Harbor, MI.  They design and manufacture a wide range of mobile printers that are used all over the world.  Because they have a long history in commercial dot-matrix printers they wanted to clarify their strategic shift toward mobile in their global marketing and branding, with fully responsive mobile design.  We worked closely with their management and marketing team designing and implementing the new site to accomplish these objectives. You can see the results here:

This project could be a case study demonstrating how a well-conceived business strategy drives design and development in a clear, coherent way.  Here’s a link to the launch announcement with comments from their President and COO: Printek Launch Announcement

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